GM VEC (Vehicle Engineering Center)

Office, Event Space, Cafeteria
30001 Van Dyke Ave (at General Motors Technical Center Rd)
Warren, MI 48093


  • Be careful if you drive a car other than a GM. It may be keyed in the parking lot!
  • Lattes? Food Court? Farmers Market? This place is a wonderland!
  • Some of us belong in IU560 Some of us belong in IU440 We all being in the one big union IWW.Org/join
  • El trabajo
  • It's where I work. Very cool building tho. Lots of history in these halls.
  • Great as always!
  • Have a latte because you can. This one's for all our sisters and brothers toiling in the field. Thanks pals!
  • Worst parking I've ever seen in a business office. Take the shuttle from the furthest lot.
  • The lobby is always tastefully decorated for Christmas
  • Bring a lunch...
  • All hail Mayor Joe, may my reign be lengthy!
  • This building is huge with many great design features. Make sure to take a moment to eat breakfast at the cafeteria (Tower first floor)! I always got an omelette
  • Its about time people start checking in here
  • Lofe is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid.

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