Glass Beach

Glass Beach Drive (at Elm Street)
Fort Bragg, CA 95437


  • Don't collect the glass.
  • Go to the left and go down the cliff. It's not as steep as it looks. If you don't see glass everywhere, you're at the wrong beach. STAY LEFT for glass.
  • Beach was once used as a dumping spot during prohibition era for all things glass/ceramic.Now the beach is almost entirely comprised of sea glass.Keep an eye open,you never know what you might find.
  • Turn left at the end of the fence, and find the almost deserted beach with tons of glass!
  • Such a cute little beach-the sea glass is so pretty!
  • sea glass is smaller than i thought. still a nice beach to visit with plenty of street parking.
  • You can't see the glass anymore but it still kinda funky place to spend time. Walk the beach and explore the rock formations. It's just off the bike path.
  • Loved this beach so much!!! It's so awesome that this beach is covered in beautiful colored glass the ocean has washes up onto the beach. You will really miss out if you don't see this. Go!!
  • No longer a 'glass' beach. People have robbed the place of its so-called charm!
  • Gorgeous at sunset
  • it's funny how half the people say there is no glass and others say tons of glass. Mendocino has a gorgeous coastline. Glass beach rocks! Tons of glass and yes small pieces. Cops are friendly!
  • If you keep taking handfuls of the glass, they'll have to rename it Gravel Beach.
  • Anyone who tells you there isn't any glass left didn't walk far enough. There's still plenty there and it really does look like the pictures!
  • Definitely go at low tide for the best beachcombing!
  • Best to head out to Glass Beach after 12pm. Best times of the year are March and November - that is when you can find the most sea glass.
  • As of August 2019 there is lots of small glass on the beach. Not sure what it was like in the past but though it was pretty cool for kids to dig thru.
  • Its all fenced off and it seems what was the original draw is dwindling
  • There is little to no glass at Glass Beach because thousands of people have each taken a handful, thinking only one handful wont matter.
  • No more glass on glass beach... apart from that it's a beautiful spot.
  • The glass is interesting. The view of waves breaking on so many rocks at sea is breathtaking

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