Designer Raises $1,700 for Birthday Party on Kickstarter

We totally should have thought of that for our office holiday party


A certain "color loving designer" in Brooklyn is celebrating her birthday April 28, and to celebrate, she's hosting "the World's Largest Color Parade." To fund her birthday festivites, she started a Kickstarter page.

"Hi, I'm Jessi, and my favorite color is Rainbow," the page says. "Last year on my birthday, I had a parade to celebrate my love of rainbows, and it was one of the most amazing feelings of my life. Since then, I've been trying to recreate that feeling for others by hosting parades around the country. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, and I was thinking… We should have the BIGGEST, MOST COLORFUL PARADE YET!"

The parade involves friends (and maybe similarly color-obsessed strangers) dressing up head-to-toe in their favorite color, then forming a color-coordinated parade over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jessi was hoping for $1,500 to go towards cupcakes, a marching band, streamers, bubbles, the works, and somehow she's met that goal. WIth 16 days left, Jessi has 59 backers contributing $2,307 as of press time.

Who knew birthday parties could be so profitable? Watch her sales pitch below, then decide if you want to make Rainbow your cause.