921 San Pedro Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108



  • Well worth the drive to the drive to the SE heights. Awesome pizza.
  • Delicious! Amazing! And wonderful! Salads are huge, pizza is tasty, and the owner is friendly.
  • Incredible Supreme. Don't forget the green chile.
  • Great NY pizza. Slightly higher price and doesn't keep the next day, but on a Friday night my family screams for this pizza.
  • You want real NY style pizza? Badaboom! Here it is. :)
  • Best pizza in Albuquerque. The end.
  • Best pizza in Albuquerque
  • The napoli pizza is delicious, and the staff make you feel comfortable and at home. This little place is worth the drive to san pedro and zuni everytime
  • Best pie in the city no question. Soooo good. Run by an awesome Italian family from New York.
  • AMAZING service. Excellent pizza. I love it!
  • Their pizza is so yummy I loved the NY style!! Nice service too!!