Gingerbread Cookies Reenact 'The Hunger Games'

Because it's the holiday season, obviously

So this might be just a bit ridiculous, but hey, it's almost Christmas. Might as well do or watch something silly, like this video of gingerbread cookies reenacting one of the blockbusters of the year. Cookies doing Hunger Games? Yes, very fitting.

Sure, the decorating could use some of Martha Stewart's help, but the story line is pretty spot on. There's Katniss, Peeta, Rue, Cinna, and tons of sprinkles. If you're going to watch anything, watch the scene where Peeta throws Katniss bread. It's perfect (also, when she drops those crazy mutant bees on top of her opponents. Um, spoiler alert?).

But of course, there's plenty left to the story, and plenty of icing magic. Watch below as Peeta, Rue, Cinna, and Effie all get reincarnated as gingerbread cookies, blood gets replaced by red dye, and jars of icing set the stage for training. But where is Gale? Sans the love triangle, Hunger Games can hardly live up to Twilight fandom.