Gim Wah

Chinese, Dive Bar
3418 W McGraw St
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 284-7000


  • Come to Gim Wah. Have some drinks. Don't bust holes in the dry wall.
  • I would make sweet sweet love to to the hot + sour soup.
  • The sweet and sour (meat) is like crack!
  • Fantastic home made pot stickers. The Mongolian beef with broccoli is superb. Drinks are cheap. Theres usually great music playing on the duke box. The Gim is a classic Chinese dive bar!
  • I give it 7-8 food is good
  • Rainier pounder with a side of Jameson and some Gim Wah fried rice. Breakfast of champions.
  • Over 2654 Jello Shots sold! Try one; just do it already!
  • Mongolian beef is amazing and authentic. Very few places bother with the fried noodles. Love this place!
  • The people here all seem to know each other and don't make an effort to meet newbies but who cares? $4.25 whiskey on the rocks. More like triple whiskey on the rocks! They seem surprised if you tip!
  • Try the seaweed soup. Not bad.