Get Your Office In On the Aston Martin Racing Action for $380k


Every year racing teams around the world create a new batch of race cars to contest all manner of racing series. Which only begs the question: what happens to the old ones? There's no simple answer to that query. Some can still be raced as-is or modified to keep up with the competition, while others are kept intact by the manufacturer. But a large proportion of them are stripped of their mechanical components and used as static displays, and that's just what Aston Martin Racing has on offer.
The vehicles in question are a V8 Vantage GTE and a DBR1-2. The former is a production-based sports car that raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year, where a trio of Danish drivers drove it to the front of the GTE AM class for a while, but didn't end up making it to the finish line. The latter, meanwhile, is a top-tier Le Mans prototype based on a Lola chassis, which Aston used as a test vehicle for its LMP1 program.

Featuring the team's iconic Gulf racing livery in baby blue and orange, both autos have been stripped of their V12 engines and sequential gearboxes. They're each being offered for £250,000 (about $380,000) each and would be the highlight of any office building lobby or private collection. But for all that money, you get more than just the car.
If you buy one, Aston Martin Racing will put your company's logo not only on the display car in question, but will do the same on the #97 Vantage for any FIA World Endurance Championship race of your choosing. The company will also throw in ten VIP passes to see the sponsored race car in action, and send one of its racing drivers to your location to unveil the static display car. Not a bad deal, all things considered, especially if you're looking for a way to boost office morale.