Download a Virtual Sommelier onto Your Phone

Tipsi App gives wine recommendations based on users' personal preferences, drinking history, and desired meal type

Never scratch your head at a lengthy wine list again with the new Tipsi app.

Who said you had to go to a liquor store to get a great wine recommendation? The Tipsi app, which just launched for the iPhone, acts as a virtual sommelier and picks wine for users from location-based wine inventories based on what meal they are pairing wine with, their personal taste preferences, and which wines they have enjoyed in the past. The results are pooled from 120,000 wines in more than 1,000 New York City restaurants in downtown Manhattan. The app was created and curated in collaboration with real sommeliers like Anani Lawson of Per Se and French Laundry.

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“Selecting the perfect wine can be challenging and stressful to the casual wine drinker,” said Tipsi co-founder and CEO, Mike Bell in a statement. “Consumers want to feel confident that when they choose a wine, they are going to like it.”


The app uses intricate algorithms to develop recommendations for wine-drinkers. Users can also buy many of the wines directly through the app at Although only available in collaboration with Manhattan restaurants for now, Tipsi will soon be expanding to other New York City neighborhoods, as well as San Francisco and Washington, D.C.