Get Movin’ Monday: Tips For Consignment Shopping, Selling

Get Movin’ Monday: Tips For Consignment Shopping, Selling

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As we gear up for winter, a lot of us probably want to hang on to that favorite sweater or pair of jeans. You check the closet, know you’re never going to wear it again but just can’t let go of it.

This week in Get Movin’ Monday, fashion expert Grant Whittaker tells us why we should get rid of those clothes. When you finally decided to clean out that closet, you can either donate them or make some money and sell them to a consignment shop.

Here’s some tips on how to do just that.

Whittaker is a fashion stylist, but he doesn’t buy the fancy designers at full price.

“I’m an avid consignment shopper,” he said.

And the Twin Cities has some of the best consignment shops in the business.

“We’ve got such an abundance of great fashion and we’re a high market community,” Whittaker said.

He said with many consignment stores, like Fashion Avenue in Edina, you make an appointment and bring your items in depending on the season. The shops look for items that are trending and for the current season with little wear and tear.

Once your clothes are evaluated, you split the money 50-50 with the store. If something doesn’t move, be prepared for the store to mark it down.

“They’re all about high-quality merchandise,” Whittaker said.

Many stores will give you a higher percentage back for your clothes if you choose store credit. He said there are pieces you should immediately consider picking up on consignment.

“I think coats are a great one. I think leather hand bags, accessories, designer finds,” he said.

Whittaker also said if you’re worried about buying pieces that have been worn before, many stores take sample items that nobody has ever put on with the tags still on. Stores also dry clean their items, so evening gowns can often be a good purchase at consignment stores.