Get the lamb!


I can't speak to the pastas, but the landlubber meat dishes at ai fiori were spectacular. Now I'd like to combine the seafood at Marea with the beef cheeks or lamb at Ai Fiori and have the ultimate surf and turf meal.

Service was great -- four stars -- but I didn't really get the hierarchy and found all the different outfits confusing. Is it weird to want to be able to identify a waiter by his/her clothes or uniform? I hate to flag down a sommelier and ask for more water, please.

The decor was elegant, for sure, but kind of one-note for me. It definitely seemed like a hotel restaurant in a lot of respects, and, well it is. That's not a bad thing, but the decor lacked a bit of personality. Did not leave as much an impression on me as the food, but that's not enough to drag it down. Still overall a great, great meal.