Get Away to London without Leaving Manhattan

Get away to London without Leaving Manhattan

Mile High’s Destination: London will take place September 24 through October 4.

Following a succession of sold-out events in London, Shuttlecock Inc. will bring their  pop-up dining series, Mile High, to New York for the first time September 24 through October 4, 2014. Inspired by 1950s air travel, Mile High takes guests on a unique multi-sensory journey of food, cocktails, music and interactive theater.

Destination: London, Mile High’s first New York experience, will take place in a secret Manhattan location on the Lower East Side. Filled with leather tomes, Chesterfield sofas, and a touch of British eccentricity, Destination: London will make guests feel like they are a world away from the Big Apple and are instead partying by Big Ben.

Stepping through the front door, guests are handed a personalized boarding pass and retro-style passport at the check-in desk, allowing them to eat and drink “without let or hindrance” throughout the night. After a crisp glass of Champagne Taittinger or two in the Departure Lounge, guests are called to board their flight to London. But instead of fighting for a window seat in a silver sardine can, travelers will find themselves transported into the heart of London’s poshest district for a night of food, drink and “in-flight” entertainment.

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With the kitchen helmed by talented chef Oliver “Ollie” Templeton, formerly the executive chef at Moro in London, guests will be treated to an expertly prepared four-course meal. Ollie prepares a menu of lightly smoked pigeon breast, chicory and pickled walnut, confit sea trout, oyster emulsion, dill, and kohlrabi, bath chaps, poached baby vegetables and mustard and all finished off with a treacle tart, clotted cream ice cream for dessert.