Woman Calls Police Over ‘Snake’ in Salad

A woman notified the authorities because of a creature in her salad

A woman called police over a potentially dangerous snake found in her salad greens, but it turned out to just be a worm.

A woman in Germany who encountered an unknown, snakelike creature in her bowl of salad was so distressed that she called emergency services this week, but when police responded they discovered it was not a snake at all.

According to The Local, a young woman actually called emergency services this week when she discovered a long, mysterious animal slithering around her bowl of salad. She told the dispatcher that it was alive and looked like a snake, and she found it “swimming” around in the sink when she washed the salad greens she had just bought from the supermarket.

The woman described the slithery interloper as being five or six centimeters long, but when emergency services asked, she said she could not send a photo because her Internet was not functioning at the time.

Out of an abundance of caution, police went to the woman’s house to investigate the call, and they discovered that the “snake” was not poisonous, dangerous, or even really a snake. It was just an ordinary garden worm.


Officers reportedly let the worm go outside.