Spilled Beer Shuts Down Highway in Germany

Thousands of cans of beer were lost in a highway accident
Beer cans


A truck accident spilled thousands of cans of perfectly good beer all over a German highway. 

There is no use crying over spilled milk, but spilled beer is another story entirely, especially in Germany yesterday when an enormous beer spill shut down a highway for several hours.

According to The Local, a cargo truck from western Germany was hauling a precious cargo of

Paderborn beer to Berlin on Wednesday when the driver crashed into the truck immediately in front of him. The truck in front had stopped due to a traffic jam, and the beer truck driver failed to notice the brake lights.

The resulting crash spilled thousands of cans of Paderborn beer all over the road, and the road to Berlin was reportedly closed for hours while police and fire services collected all the cans.


The road was reportedly open again by Wednesday evening, but police said that the beer cans were most likely left unusable after the crash, which means all that beer most likely went to waste, unless the cleaners managed to pick up a can or two while they were tidying.