Genting Chee Cheong Fan (雲頂茶室豬腸粉)

Food Truck
Genting Cafe
Gelugor, Pulau Pinang 11700


  • The best chee cheong fun in Penang. The sauce mixed with peanut butter.
  • Best chee cheong fun ... super delicious... thick prawn paste with peanut sauce
  • The sauce makes me dreamt of it even when I'm back to KL for a few months.. Omg it's the best taste of Chee Cheong fun sauce..
  • You need to wait a long queue there...
  • Penangites best choice!
  • Must came to try
  • Beware of the Vietnamese worker inside , she is forgetful & yet likes to accuse customer who making the wrong order !!
  • Best chee Cheong fun in Penang
  • People don't believe you been to Penang if you haven't try this CCF. Try it and you need to eat it everyday.
  • All great hawker foods in one place. The Chee Choong Fan is with unique sauce which is intended and full of taste.
  • Not even the best, bad attitude too.
  • Best ccf I've ever had. TBH, the kopitiam behind it taste equally good and I personally prefer the kopitiam behind it because it has more food selection. Eg: the siuyuk rice w braised sauce is good!
  • Best chee cheong fan in Penang hut super long queue.The char koay teow looks pale in colour but suprisingly it is still full of flavour and the "wok hei" is there! Pork knuckle rice is great as well.
  • Wrong direction la
  • Chee cheong fan is the best
  • Best Chee cheong fun I've tasted in Penang.
  • Should be the best cheecheongfan i have ever eaten.Their peanut butter sauce taste nice.
  • Finally got my peanut butter Chee Cheong Fan craving. exquisite
  • You can get exactly the same taste at Farlim & Sg Ara. It all started from Farlim
  • Meeting jaws taste good

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