Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck to Host Rocktoberfest Charity Music Festival

The famed chef and the rocker pair up for a super special event

You’ve probably been wondering what Gene Simmons has been up to lately; and that line of thought probably led you to wonder what Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck has been up to lately. Well, maybe not, but it turns out the two are conveniently up to the same thing. The unlikely pair has teamed up to provide the world, or at least downtown Los Angeles, with a rock and roll, 5-star cuisine filled October event aptly named Rocktoberfest.

The setting is L.A. LIVE, the host is AEG. That last fact may sound like a superfluous thing to mention, but as AEG is also responsible for the world renown Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival promotions, they are kind of a big deal. It is no surprise then that the 1,000 opening gala tickets to Rocktoberfest start at $100.

But before you scoff at the idea of paying a hundred bucks to attend a party, consider that some of the cash you fork out for the October 15, 2012 celebration will benefit the Wounded Warriors foundation. Also consider that Gene Simmons and his “friends” will be serenading you. Due to the limited number of tickets, benevolence of mankind, and the nature of Mr. Simmons’ celebrity, we think it’s safe to assume the event will sell out shortly.

But that’s just the beginning. The festivities continue with nightly shindigs, concerts, alcohol, and Oktoberfest (as well as otherwise) inspired nourishment. Starting at $20 for the early bird special and ending at $1500 for VIP table seating for you and seven of your closest (or wealthiest) friends, the price is right, no matter what your income. The festival also boasts celebrity guests (presumably excluding Simmons and Puck), D.J.s, live bands, and a lot of gourmet-looking food and beer.

Rocktoberfest puts a less kid-friendly spin on the traditional Oktoberfest, the world-famous Munich-based fair held in celebration of German-Bavarian culture, food and drink. Simmons promises that “The event will rock the socks off any other Oktoberfest celebration offering great food, incredible beers, and a strictly non oom pah pah rock vibe.”

As he seems to be a relatively trustworthy man, you can probably take his word for it. The important thing is: Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck are hosting a six-day party beginning October 15, and you are invited. For more information on Rocktoberfest or event tickets, visit