Gene Leahy Mall

Park, Trail, Event Space
1203 Farnam St. (btwn 8th & 14th St)
Omaha, NE 68102



  • Go on the slides -- avoid hobos.
  • Take your camera, Explore the angles! Great for Photographers!
  • Wax paper for the slides is a MUST! Connected to Heartland of America Park, great for a stroll or a picnic. A little "Central Park" in Omaha. Great memories of time with my son!
  • Wax paper on the slides is a pretty entertaining way to kill an hour. There's usually some extra there if you don't have any.
  • Walk fast. Look both ways!!!
  • I mean it isn't the greatest park in Omaha. Nothing for people who have kids to do, one good thing is a huge slide on the east end of it and what looks like a stage that probably never gets used
  • Ride the Slide!!!
  • After they cleaned it up this last year its a nice place to walk
  • Very nice for a stroll, sidewalk was under construction along one side.
  • Bring wax paper for a good time!

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