Gazzolo's European Restaurant and Deli

Eastern European, German, Sandwiches
$ $
San Bernardino, CA 92405



  • Front of building reads Bavarian Inn and German Dinners, but an amazing vintage plastic sign, likely from the 1960s, says, European Dining, Specializing in Austrian, German and Swiss.
  • Santos Favela, a 72-year old sausage maker, has been working at the restaurant since the early 1960s and can still be seen there today. Both the exterior and interior are magical and full of charm.
  • Opened in 1985.
  • The hours: Monday 11am-2:30pm and Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm (restaurant). Monday 10am-3pm and Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm (deli).
  • German potato salad. Nuff said.
  • One of the last Inland Empire German restaurants, Gazzolo's has great sausages, Central European beers on tap and friendly service.
  • Patrons eat under an overhang designed to look like European house, with faux windows and shutters. Another small room has old fashioned deli case, complete with sausages, cold cuts & a few cheeses.
  • Inside is quaint and old world, with wood panelling, & small wooden tables, but back room has several wooden booths are part of a Hansel & Gretel-type village set.
  • Entrance is through the back parking lot and a wood cobbled portico with another sign, Wilkommen.
  • The outside, with a wood cobbled roof, faux log exterior, faux chimney, bright colors, window shutters and flower boxes, looks like a Disneyland creation.
  • Doggwiler retired and returned to Switzerland and it has been owned since 1986 by Jay Gazzolo, who changed part of the stores name to reflect his own.
  • Opened in 1959 as Ottos Sausages by Otto Doggwiler, who immigrated from Switzerland with his familys sausage recipes, it has functioned as a restaurant, deli and homemade sausage company ever since.