Theme Park
Cedar Point
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 627-2350


  • Rider tip: choose a seat on the outer left side, that way you get thrown in the air and come over the top of the corkscrew.
  • Lots of puking on this ride.
  • Left side is the best side
  • Fast pass only. Enough said.
  • Opened in 2013, this winged coaster has it all... great views, smooth ride, effortless speed, and world records!
  • The safety bar tightens as the ride goes on...make it a little loose to begin with!
  • Of all rides this is the one where you want the front seat. There is nothing below you, nothing in front of you. Awesome!
  • Watch your feet by the blocks!!! Ride in Row 4 if you're a bigger person: bigger seats!
  • Go on a Sunday. 45 min wait. Enough said.
  • If the weather in under 70 degrees, bring a hoodie. The waiting line is right next to the lake. You'll freeze if you dont!
  • OMG! Front ride side is the way to go! It's way better than the back left.
  • sloooow ride....take it easyyyyy :)
  • Riding GATEKEEPER at night in the front is way better than during the day.
  • Best coaster here!
  • They dont allow bags on this ride... get a locker $2 for 2hours
  • Great ride and incredibly smooth. Don't see how you could get sick on this one.
  • Right side is better in my opinion. It feels like it is dumping you down to the beach.
  • Ride front right side u get a 90 degree drop off 1st hill & left side it feels like it lifts u out of your seat IMPORTANT dont tighten bar all the way as ride goes it tightens more & starts to hurt
  • Bins are for wallets and phones no drinks or backpacks allowed and they won't let u store them outside cops will throw them away and if u argue they Throw you off or threaten u
  • Go at either the beginning or the end of the day; the line will be too long at all other points of time.

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