Garden Books (韬奋西文书局)

Row 1

长乐路325号 (近陕西南路)
上海市, 200031
+86 21 5404 8729

Foursquare Tips

  • Annoying fact - No price tags on all books.
  • Advertised as the largest selection of English books in Shanghai... If that's the case, I don't want to see the other bookstores.
  • Very poor that they charge for bags. They aren't a convenience store and most books they sell are over 200rmb. Next time I will use amazon.
  • Good selection of books. Gelato also :)
  • Mediocre cappuccino!
  • Cash only for the cafe
  • Pretty good selection of Intl' books
  • Decent tuna sandwich
  • Dessert is nice here, quite a variety of them. Not the best, but not bad.
  • The fastest internet connection in the area.
  • Good bookstore with a lot of books you can't find elsewhere. The prices are very high though. Use it sparingly and you will be richer and happier.
  • If your cell is running low on battery, the bookstore provides a free power charging service
  • Selection of local interest books is particularly good
  • Wifi password: 3322111234
  • Their book selection is truly ridiculously expensive and with most books not having a price tag, you'll only find this out when paying. The very friendly and helpful staff even can't make up for this.
  • Groe Auswahl deutscher Bcher im Obergeschoss (im Vergleich zu der nicht so starken englischsprachigen)
  • The selection is limited and with no price tags you don't know what it will cost you until you get to the register. Also it didn't seem very organized
  • So you really need two men for security?
  • Buy your books elsewhere. They're terribly expensive here.