Game Empire Pasadena

Toys & Games, Hobbies
1795 E Colorado Blvd (Allen Ave.)
Pasadena, CA 91106


  • Great selection of board games. A must come if you are a geek
  • Play a game while you're here!
  • Great store! The staff are always friendly and willing to help. Ask questions, grab a game, and have some fun!
  • Come roll some dice.
  • Everyone was pleased when Game Empire opened in Pasadena a while back and their move to new digs made everything that was great about them that much bigger. Go now!
  • Grab a chair and one of the store games and have some fun!
  • Awesome place to find that game you're looking for OR if you like to play D&D they often host tournaments.
  • You can play for free in the giant board game room. Can't ask for more.
  • Great place to waste some time. They have a couple demos out which are fun to check out.
  • Great place to pick up just about any game you want, then open it and play it right there.
  • Yeah, so the owner? Total jerk. Horrible attitude toward customers. Check Yelp reviews. "We AREN'T a Magic store." Cool. Stop selling cards/supplies then and stop running half-assed tournaments :)
  • The employees are here for YOU! They will set newbies up with game partners and teach you how to play anything they have!

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