A Gallery of Top Thanksgiving Burgers

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A Gallery of Top Thanksgiving Burgers

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for burger bars. It’s an opportunity for kitchen staff and menu R&D folks to branch out from beef with inventive turkey burgers (or in several cases, turkey/duck/chicken burgers). Here are some of the top Thanksgiving burgers at burger joints from A (The Avenue’s Feast burger) to Z (Zombie Burger + Drink Lab’s Thankskilling burger). Enjoy the holiday.


5star_albuquerque_thanks5105 Star Burgers, multiple locations,
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger
An all-natural turkey breast, ground and
formed in-house, topped with sweet potato waffle
fries and cranberry aïoli; served on a toasted brioche
bun with a side of cranberry aïoli


8-oz-_poutine8 Oz. Burger & Co., Seattle
Turkey Poutine
A 6-oz. turkey patty, braised turkey breast, turkey gravy, Kennebec fries, Beechers
cheese curds, sunny-side-up duck egg, crisp sage leaves and cranberry relish


avenue_feastThe Avenue, St. Petersburg, Fla.
The Feast
Turkey burger with grilled ham, topped
with apple-cranberry chutney and Cheddar cheese


bluemoon_turduckenBlue Moon Burgers, Seattle
The Turducken Burger
A freshly toasted brioche bun with house-made stuffing, turkey, two slices
of duck bacon and chicken breast,  all topped with cranberry relish


brgrpitt_bobbleBRGR, Pittsburgh
Gobble Gobble
Turkey burger, sage stuffing, pickled green beans, cranberry aïoli and turkey gravy


brunchbox_holidayBrunch Box, Portland
Holiday Burger
A turkey patty seasoned with holiday spices, and topped with lettuce, tomato,
grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, grilled ham, and cranberry sauce


bucketlist_harvest-burgerBucket List Burgers, Riverside, Calif.
The Harvest Burger
A savory turkey patty topped with turkey stuffing, sage aïoli, cranberry sauce and
crispy sweet-potato fries drizzled with honey mustard on a brioche bun


burg-bar-grill_turkeyThe Burg Bar & Grill, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger ($12.99)
Turkey and stuffing patty with cranberry sauce, bacon, Brie, fried onions,
sage leaves and Dijon mayo; served with sweet potato fries and
brown- sugar-marshmallow dipping sauce


burgatory_thanksgivingBurgatory Bar, Pittsburgh
The Thanksgiving Burger
All-natural turkey with Cheddar, mashed potatoes, green beans, mushroom gravy,
onion straws & cranberry jam on rosemary olive oil


burger-21_turkey2Burger 21, multiple locations
Turkey Decadence Burger
Our hand-formed turkey is topped with Burger 21’s spin on Momma Lynn’s
chutney, our house-made toasted marshmallow sauce and a sweet potato crisp,
on a bed of romaine and iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato, served on
a toasted brioche bun


burger-25_turkeyBurger 25, Toms River, N.J.
Thanksgiving Burger
A 6-oz. fresh ground turkey patty, cornbread stuffing, turkey gravy, sweet
potato and cranberry aïoli on a freshly baked deli bun


burger-bar-chicago_turduckenBurger Bar Chicago, Chicago
Turducken Burger
Turkey-duck-chicken patty with crispy duck bacon, Brie cheese,
apricot- ginger chutney and spinach


burger-fusion_turduckenBurger Fusion Company, La Crosse, Wis.
Thanksgiving Turducken Fusion Burger
Ground turkey, ground duck, and ground chicken all fused together and topped
with Cheddar cheese, Black Forest ham, corn bread stuffing, sweet potato fries
and cran-apple marmalade on a potato bun


burger-moovment_turkeyBurger Moovement, Elmwood Park, Ill.
Talk Turkey To Me ($4.99)
A turkey burger paired with whole cranberry sauce, house-made griddle-seared
stuffing patty and mayo on a toasted brioche bun


burgerhaus_turkeyBurgerhaus, Indianapolis
The Monte Cristo
Our savory turkey patty on a bed of arugula and cranberry-habanero
mayo topped with ham, bacon, Swiss cheese and a Haus-made
cranberry-habanero sauce, all between two pieces of grilled French toast;
served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes


burgers-emeril_thanksgBurgers & More by Emeril. Bethlehem, Pa.
The Thanksgiving Burger
Grilled turkey patty, stuffing, cranberry-orange mayo and turkey gravy on an
onion-poppy-seed bun


burgers-tap-shake_turkeyBurger, Tap & Shake, Washington, D.C.
Thanksgiving on the Seine
Turkey patty, Granny Smith apple, Brie cheese, cranberry & clementine
compote and Dijon aïoli


burgerville_cranberrybrieBurgerville, Pacific Northwest locations
Seasoned Turkey Burger
Diestel turkey with cranberry aïoli and frisée lettuce, topped with creamy
Brie cheese on a cornmeal bun


dlux_harvestDlux, Madison Wis.
The Harvest Burger
A 1/3-lb. beef patty topped with crispy pork belly, Bartlett pears, fried
shallots, Brie cheese, and rosemary aïoli


dmk_gobblerDMK Burger Bar, Chicago
The Gobbler

Turkey patty, gravy, stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, celery, and a
tangy cranberry relish


drakes_turkeybrieDrake’s, Franklin, Tenn.
Turkey Brie Burger ($12)
A seasoned turkey patty, sweet potato fries and cranberry mayo


edzos_toabEdzo’s Burger Shop, Evanston, Ill.
TOAB (Thanksgiving on a Bun) Burger
Turkey burger, slab-o-stuffing, cranberry-orange relish, turkey gravy schmear,
sweet potato purée and crispy onions


fatguy-thanksFat Guy’s Burger Bar, Tulsa, Okla.
The Fat Feast
Burger patty topped with roasted turkey, brown gravy, crispy fried onions,
Swiss cheese and sage aïoli


georgie_turkeyGeorgie Porgie’s, Oak Creek, Wis.
The Gobbler
Turkey burger topped with mashed potatoes, brown gravy, cranberry spread
and cream cheese on a white bun


hopdoddy_thanksbunHopdoddy Burger Bar, Austin, Texas
Thanksgiving on a Bun Burger
Sage turkey patty, cranberry relish, jalapeňo cornbread stuffing, Gouda,
tomato, Brussels sprout salad and mayo on an egg bun


jacksprime_gobbleJack’s Prime Burgers & Shakes, San Mateo, Calif.
The Gobble Gobble Burger
Diestel Family Turkey Ranch patty topped with Cheddar cheese,
apple- cranberry chutney and house-made stuffing; served on an
onion bun with romaine lettuce and mayo


koopers_turkeyKooper’s Tavern, Baltimore
Thanksgiving Burger
Turkey patty, bacon, Brie cheese and apple butter on Texas toast


kuma_sleepKuma’s Corner, Chicago
An 8-oz. house-made seasoned turkey patty topped with cranberry
sauce, tempura-fried sage and onion stuffing, house-made turkey
gravy and finished with a fried sage leaf


melsburger_dayafterMel’s Burger Bar, New York City
The Day After
Mel’s signature turkey patty topped with house-made stuffing and a Gran
Marnier cranberry sauce


mixed-up_turkeyMixed-Up Burgers, Grand Prairie, Texas
T&D (Turkey & Dressing) Burger
Fresh ground turkey grilled and topped with cornbread dressing, turkey
gravy and a cranberry-raspberry spread served on a cornbread roll


sassy_swturkeySassy’s Sandwich Shack, Granger, Ind.
Southwest Turkey Burger
Fried onions, chipotle sauce, turkey burger, sriracha sauce, bacon,
avocado, tomato and lettuce


slaters_thanksgivingSlater’s 50/50, Southern California locations
The Thanksgiving Burger
Our seasoned turkey patty, brioche dressing, turkey gravy, house-made
cranberry sauce, garlic & sage aïoli on a honey-wheat bun


socialburger_turkeySocial Burger, Vienna, Va.
The Thanksgiving Burger
A 4-oz. all-natural turkey patty, cornbread stuffing and choice of
cranberry-jalapeňo jelly or cranberry-orange jelly on a
fresh rosemary brioche bun


stackdstl_poutineStacked STL, St. Louis
Thanksgiving Poutine Burger
Beef, fries, Brie cheese, rosemary-sage gravy and cranberry sauce


stationeats_turkeyStation Eats, New Canaan, Con.
Fall Turkey Burger
Free-range turkey, thick-cut bacon, cranberry aïoli, sage, lettuce
and tomato


tag_notmommaTAG Burger Bar, Denver
The “Not Your Mamma’s Turkey Sandwich”
Turkey patty with sweet potato fries, pickled carrot, red wine
cranberries, honey goat cheese and honey mustard


teddy_turkeyTeddy’s Bigger Burgers, Woodinville, Wash.
Turkey Bacon Swiss
Grilled turkey burger topped with Swiss cheese and bacon


twistedroot-turkeyTwisted Root Burger Co., Texas locations
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger
All-white turkey patty with sautéed onions and celery topped
with ooeygooey Swiss cheese and Dijon cranberry sauce


yeah_autumn-turkeyYeah! Burger, Atlanta
Autumn Turkey ($9.99)
Organic turkey topped with house-made organic cranberry sauce, organic
spinach and local goat cheese on H&F Bread Co. artisan bun

zinburger_turkeyZinburger Wine & Burger Bar, Arizona & East Coast locations
Thanksgiving Burger
A fresh ground turkey patty stuffed with house-made traditional stuffing, cranberry mayo,
gravy and shredded lettuce


zombie_thankskillingZombie Burger + Drink Lab, Des Moines
Smoked pulled turkey, mashed potato croquette, turkey gravy,
fried onion strings + sage stuffing buns

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