Fuxing Road Ferry (复兴路渡口)

Boat / Ferry
Fuxing E Rd (Zhongshan S Rd)
Huangpu, 上海市


  • Crazy fare increase! Now 2/3/4!
  • Watch out for the bikes or you'll get run over.
  • Ferry literally only takes you across the river, but you get a great view on the way
  • Best way to cross from Puxi to Pudong by bike. The bike lanes by the river are an awesome sightseeing!
  • Every 30 minutes to Dongchang lu
  • The library has a great selection of books in English.
  • Gets you where you want go...
  • RMB2 for passenger, 2.8 for bicycle
  • good little Japanese number
  • 2 rmb 6 - 19 o'clock
  • RMB 2 to cross. There are different destinations.
  • Working time: 05:00 - 23:00; Fee: 1,30 yuan.

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