Is This Futuristic BMW i8 LCD Key Too Good To Be True?


LCD displays are used pretty much everywhere now, from home thermostats to refrigerators, but the only place they haven't really been utilized much is in car keys. You may find high resolution displays inside your luxury car, but the key to get in has remained pretty standard. Until now, that is.

The plug-in hybrid BMW i8 is already a really cool sports car, but it just got way more interesting with its game changing car key. According to BimmerFile, a BMW insider Herr 26 shared this concept picture, giving us all a glimpse at what the key could look like. As you can see, the gadget has its very own LCD display, showing the auto's charge levels, how much time is left on the charge and the distance you can travel before needed to recharge/refuel. For those of you who are tactical and like the feeling of pressing actual buttons, the key fob has those for locking and unlocking.


While BMW hasn't officially confirmed the image to be legitimate, we hope it is. And if it isn't, they better hurry up and make it a reality, because we want this key — paired with a new i8, of course.