Funniest Food Tweets of the Week

The funniest food tweets of the week, from fast food to sexy chickens

Composite by Terri Ciccone

It’s that time again, time for humorous food tweets. This week, among the many general food musings, plenty of tweeters have been commenting on food related news. One food item that has gone viral is news that Americans are continuing to order the unhealthy items at fast-food chains, eschewing healthier options like salads. Shock! Well, Americans and their love for burgers didn't stand a chance when thrown to tweeters.

And although you won't see this beauty in a KFC anytime soon, a twitter account has been spawned from a provocative image of a scantily clad chicken in The New York Times. If you find the @NYTChicken's (a.k.a Sexy Chicken) tweets below particularly hysterical, you can check out an interview Mashable scored with the chick. But you'd better hurry before the Twitter bird gets any ideas.