Fry's Electronics

2300 W Baseline Rd (at I-10)
Tempe, AZ 85283
(602) 445-5100


  • My favorite store in the whole world they have everything you could ever want when it comes to electronics and computers and they have the best staff ever
  • Although their customer service has room for improvement, you will be able to find whatever it is you need in the technology world at this store. Not only that, but it'll be cheaper than Best Buy too.
  • Great place for gadget instant gratification. Know what you want, and don't talk to salesmen if possible.
  • This place is both a gift & a curse! Lol
  • Why does this place even hire "sales associates" nobody knows what they are doing. 3 people point me to a different department, when i get there, they point me somewhere else. instead!
  • Fry's Electronics is a necessary evil...
  • Nerd Nirvana!!
  • Check all six sides of any package for a returns sticker before buying.
  • Careful what you buy. Historically, there are issues with stuff. I usually know that I have to come back once to exchange something. Today I had a back Xbox live card and headphones.
  • Huge store! The Apple computer stuff is on the Southwest side of the store.
  • If you crave to travel..You gotta buy the flux capacitor.
  • I hate this place with every fiber in my body. It is a shame they don't have a real competitor.
  • Use your AMEX card. It's faster to let AMEX dispute a charge than it is to deal with a return and refund.
  • sales people need more training.
  • Great selection of electronics. They are simply the best, period!
  • Used to have an excellent selection of everything but I suspect Steam and Amazon have gutted their business. Great selection of electronics and computer hardware. Terrible video game offerings
  • Every electronic item you can imagine, with an experience almost as fun as a trip to the DMV.
  • Worst costumer service and after purchased service.bought a loptop and 300$ for warranty and every time I go to fix it they do not cover it and have to wait 2 hours in line before anyone talk to you.
  • Don't ask for any help with Mac products or iPads. The employees' heads just might explode. Annoying at best.
  • This store is not just for men. They have stuff to make a woman happy too!

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