Fry's Electronics

Electronics, Shop
2311 N Hollywood Way (at Vanowen St)
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 526-8100


  • Greatest selection of any "brick and mortar" electronics store. Also the Worst customer service... So don't expect help when you get to the store.
  • While there are great deals and helpful workers, they have to have an amazing return policy due to the fact that often, items sold are faulty or non-functional.
  • This place has a lot of bad reviews but I personally love it! I don't care much bout the customer service, But that's just me! I love ordering online and picking up later!
  • Every item is misplaced and mislabeled. Floor staff is worthless. Have fun!
  • You do not have to stop at the exit and show them your receipt. This is not a membership store.
  • Stop in to the cafe at the back of the store, and have your snack in a car at a vintage drive-in movie.
  • This place rocks... came here to find a good deal on a iPhone 5 charger well the apple ones are $20 so I figured eh I need it then as I was about pay I found one on sale for $10! whoo hoo
  • Customer service or no customer service, if you know what you're doing it's a little bit of geek-heaven.
  • Talk to Chris S. in components! He knows everything!
  • If you get a store credit, reduce the risk of losing that slip of green paper by taking it to a cashier and trading it for a gift card. Just another stupid process with ridiculously poor cust service
  • Sometimes they have better deals than some of the online stores; even after taxes! But come prepared already knowing what you want to buy since customer service is so so.
  • Amazing selection of "As Seen On TV" products.
  • As has been noted before, customer service is very hit and miss... Mostly miss. But there's a nice sci-fi theme through the store, starting from the UFO entrance.
  • Great place if you have a crippling duster addiction! Iiii'm walking on suuunshiiiiine!!
  • Make sure you know your technology because a lot of these guys don't. I felt as if I was selling routers n modems to these peeps. They had very little knowledge of what I was tellin them.
  • Worst customer service
  • You're better off google'ing your questions, the CS is awful!
  • It quickly became clear that the sales staff had no clue how to help us find what we needed. I hope I never have to come here again!
  • Free Movie :)

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