Fry's Electronics

2488 Market Place Blvd (at Olympus Blvd.)
Irving, TX 75063
(214) 242-4900


  • Bathrooms are to the left as you walk in, past the checkouts and appliances.
  • No one here knows what they are talking about. Don't ask them anything except where to find the bathroom.
  • Frys is the best place to buy a pack of coke cans....even cheaper than walmart
  • Don't waste your time in the camera department. The salesman obviously had better things to do and walked away in the middle of a question.
  • Good buys on blue ray dvds...
  • Awesome price on a 32 in LED TV - $109
  • Very helpful service department and the replacement parts for laptops were readily available at a good price. It's better to get your laptop repaired than to replace them!
  • For all your electrical & electronics need visit Fry's. Pricing is good, staff is really helpful in assisting you. Great products.!!!
  • This place would be great if there were no employees there. They are really annoying. Waiting until you pick up something and ask if they can have your commission.
  • The store has lots of electronics but finding staff to help is a different issue. Will match prices from online retailer and can only seem to talk to checkout staff.
  • Hope you are not returning an item. You will be here for a while.
  • Closed today, 4/20/2014 for Easter Sunday
  • Nerd heaven!
  • Cheap car chargers and blue tooth head sets
  • I was shopping for my own computer accessories (Apple Mac) and other office supplies...
  • Tons of pokestops here!
  • Looked at printers today. They had a lot on display but nothing in stock.
  • They have a decent variety of items. However, make sure to check what you're getting carefully because it may have already been opened and returned by a customer before being placed back on the shelf.
  • Is there any better place to buy eletronics?
  • If you subscribe to the daily deals the savings are significant. Lots of great deals on everything from Micro SD cards to phone chargers.

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