Juice Bar
800 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02199

The spot is just a half mile from Juice, which, as the name suggests, is also a juice and smoothie bar. "staff at Fruitata is dedicated to serving up fresh, invigorating organic juices and smoothies daily to give your taste buds, body and mind exactly what it’s been missing." according to the new joint's site. They are set to open this summer. The menu includes nutrition boosters like coconut oil, and bee pollen; juices like limeade, carrot, and peach; and smoothies like 'Venice Vanilla' and 'Geneva Grapes.'


  • Clean & neat juice bar. I tried a cocktail of Beetroot, carrot, apple & orange juice. Great mix for a healthy energetic mid-day drink
  • Santiago Straw was pretty good.