Frozen Pigs Litter Highway After Truck Accident

A truck collapse sent frozen pigs flying everywhere
Wikimedia/Scott Bauer USDA

A truck collapse in Sweden sent more than 200 frozen pigs flying across the road.

Trucks in Sweden don’t always collapse, but when they do they might send hundreds of frozen pigs flying as far as the eye can see.

Thursday in Sweden, a truck went to take a left turn into a roundabout when suddenly it collapsed “like a house of cards,” according to The Local. The truck was loaded with frozen pig carcasses, and when the truck’s roof and sides fell in, 200 pigs scattered in every direction across the road.

“I’ve worked for 40 years as a policeman and have never seen a truck that’s just collapsed like this, and definitely not with pigs inside,” said policeman Anders Wallin. “Everything went everywhere – it truly was flying pigs.”

Luckily the flying pork caused no injuries, but it took police more than six hours to get the pigs out of the road, and traffic was heavily delayed.

Police say they’re investigating the cause of the truck collapse, which might be related to being overloaded with hundreds of pig carcasses. The pigs were damaged by being flung across the road and will probably be destroyed, as they’re no longer considered fit for human consumption.

“Or maybe they’ll be made into animal food,” Wallin said. “But I don’t think it’s likely.”