French Chocolate Maker Selling Insect-Topped Chocolates

I mean, I suppose it’s worth a try.

French chocolate-maker Sylvain Musquar created chocolates topped with insects and coated with edible gold dust.

We’ve seen insects in recipes before. It’s normal. Okay, maybe we still feel a little squeamish looking at it. So when we hear about insects in chocolate, we just might give it a chance. It’s chocolate, after all.

Sylvain Musquar, a chocolatier from France, has created a selection of chocolates topped with crickets and mealworms, according to The Guardian. And, the insects are coated with edible gold dust because the insect’s natural color might scare people away from trying it.

Musquar says he got the idea to make chocolate with insects after he visited Asia, where eating insects is a part of the culture.

It has been proven that insects are nutritious. A U.N. report showed that consuming insects could help fight obesity. In that case, pairing insects with chocolate might not be such a bad idea.


It seems that a good portion of the world has embraced eating insects. Maybe in time, Americans will, too—once we get over the fact that we’re eating bugs.