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The device is the size of a single tissue box and can provide the recommended amount of water a person should drink in a day
The agritech giant also referred to the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer as an ‘ad hoc working group’
A single can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar, about 14 grams more than WHO says we should consume all day, so why the support?
WHO says such a tax would lead to “proportional reductions in consumption”
The USDA has determined that pesticide residue levels found in foods produced in the US do not pose a safety risk to consumers
An online tool from the World Health Organization shows the alarming prevalence of cancers related to obesity
Africa and Southeast Asia have the highest burden of foodborne illnesses, WHO found
Now that processed meat has been labeled a carcinogen, scientists are adding cancer-fighting antioxidants to your bacon
Does your country rank in the top 10? Find out which do
The World Health Organization says that processed meats are one of the most carcinogenic substances