# White House

The USDA’s new stricter rules would increase larger stores’ share in the $74 billion program at the expense of smaller stores
Governor Paul LePage claims the White House lets powerful food groups take advantage of food stamp system
Michelle Obama to host a Kids’ ‘State Dinner’ for winners
The first White House vegetable garden since World War II has been a resounding success
The only candy at the White House Easter Egg Roll was made by a 10-year-old
Dinner was hosted in honor of Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau
The White House ordered 150 Chemex coffeemakers, all etched with a presidential seal
The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate does his own grocery shopping and his own grilling
The First Daughters have simply asked what every teen would want for Christmas: money and macaroni and cheese for dinner
Over 68,000 guests are expected to visit the White House during the 2015 holiday season