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The journalists at the White House were very pleased with the Oscar winner’s gift
Meals on Wheels is reporting a $100,000 surge in donations following the release of Trump’s budget proposal
Leaked video footage obtained by Gizmodo shows then-president-elect Trump ruminating on food safety policies
The New Jersey governor visited The White House and the President would not allow him to order his own food
Sean Spicer waged a Twitter war for five years against Dippin Dots, and now the brand is offering an olive branch
This year’s turkeys are named Tot and Tater, and one of them will be pardoned by President Obama on Thursday
Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group, released a video said to depict poor conditions, which the farm denies exist
President George W. Bush’s favorite food to eat in the White House was a cheeseburger atop a Margherita pizza: Here’s the recipe
Mario Batali was tasked with developing the menu for Barack Obama’s final state dinner this Tuesday
Chef and restaurateur José Andrés is one of 24 people who will receive a National Humanities Award this year