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Chupacabras, chicken-fried steak, and Big Tex… ring any bells?
This beloved Southern chain is a certified ‘Texas Treasure’
This couple loves Whataburger so much that they asked their baby’s photographer to create a Whataburger-themed photoshoot
The employee who told two officers that the burger spot does not serve police has been fired
The service is only available in parts of Dallas
Whataburger Defies Texas Law, Will Not Let Customers Openly Carry Firearms
The company’s primary egg supplier was among those hit hardest by the ongoing H5N2 outbreak
After massive flooding in the Lone Star state, the popular fast food chain Whataburger donated a large sum to the Red Cross
A customer just handed a very expensive fur coat through the drive-thru window
Whataburger will introduce the Green Chile Double burger to its entire 700-unit system this year