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The USDA has confirmed the first incidence of deadly avian flu in a commercial chicken farm
After Investigation, Federal Animal Research Facility Ordered to Implement Greater Oversight
Until now, farm subsidies have been available to many people who have never set foot on a farm
Under the new proposal, USDA and FDA would no longer have jurisdiction over food safety
The USDA identifies more than 70 types of cheese, but there’s no such labeling for "nacho cheese,” so what is it?
Currently, food safety is regulated amongst 15 different US agencies
USDA proposes a new set of legal standards in response to rising percentages of salmonella in chicken
“Clean, separate, cook and chill to avoid ruining Christmas with a case of foodborne illness”
The USDA has just announced a partial cranberry buyout to contend with the surplus from 2013 and 2014

"The program helps schools purchase more food from local farmers and ranchers in their communities, expanding access to healthy local food for school children and supporting local economies,” the USDA announced.