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Cheesemakers Anxiously Await FDA Findings on Safety of Raw Milk
Food manufacturers must now report on how clean their facilities and equipment are
Perdue described the acquisition as an effort ‘to be the most trusted brand in premium proteins’
This word has been officially banned from the Standards for Grades of Processed Raisins
The FDA is considering changing serving sizes on food and drink labels to reflect what people actually consume
Across the board, school lunches have gotten significantly better for students since 2012

The agency is accused of violating the Freedom of Information Act. 

Net farm income for 2015 is expected to reach $58.3 billion, down 36 percent from 2014’s estimate of $91.1 billion.

This week, almost four million pounds of frozen raw chicken have been pulled from grocery store shelves.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program wants to add more vegetables and cut back on sugar