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Students will return to school this fall, but their favorite junk foods will not
The USDA’s new stricter rules would increase larger stores’ share in the $74 billion program at the expense of smaller stores
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack added his support for a national, mandatory GMO labeling law, calling on Congress to act
The USDA is putting a new label on beef to warn consumers about mechanically tenderized beef, which can spread E. coli
The affected items were formulated with Worcestershire sauce but were labeled as ‘Rochester sauce’
The first anti-browning white button mushrooms have been given the go-ahead by the USDA, FDA approval still pending
At least two Seattle restaurants conducted business with an illegal and grievously inhumane slaughterhouse
Whole Foods has teamed up with a California produce startup to begin selling ugly, but otherwise healthy, produce in its stores
To date, the school breakfast program provides meals for more than 14 million students across nearly 100,000 schools and childca
The recall applies to Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets, inside which consumers reported finding pieces of solid, clear plastic