# Turkey

Slather your bacon wrapped turkey with a mushroom sauce for a delicious and quick dinner recipe
A week after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane, Russia has responded with a number of economic sanctions against Turkey
Rapper Snoop Dogg has given out thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys to those in need in the neighborhood he calls his “second home
Deep-fried turkey may be deliciously crispy, but it’s also dangerous: Leave it to the experts, firefighters warn
The average Thanksgiving turkey weighs 81 percent more than its holiday bird counterparts did 50 years ago
These places know how to get their turkey on.
These places know how to get their turkey on.
The Turkey Talk-Line® is a real “bird emergency” hotline run by Butterball; over the years they’ve gotten some wacky inquires
Although turkey is a staple of any healthy eating plan, many chains load their sandwiches with highly caloric toppings and sauce
If you’re having trouble deciding on a turkey recipe, we have you covered