# Trump

Leaked video footage obtained by Gizmodo shows then-president-elect Trump ruminating on food safety policies
President Donald J Trump dined out at BLT Prime by David Burke on Saturday night and people are not pleased with his order
The New Jersey governor visited The White House and the President would not allow him to order his own food
Mom and pop restaurants and national chains like McDonald’s shuttered their locations yesterday after national protests
The acclaimed grocery store chain is not taking its five varieties of Trump wine off the shelves, despite protests
What started as a walkout in Washington, DC, became a nationwide movement to call attention to immigration issues
Chef Andrés is among those participating in the “Day Without Immigrants” strike in Washington D.C. on Thursday
After facing five Senate hearing delays over ethical concerns, the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. executive will not be confirmed
Hundreds of fast-food workers are gathering to protest the appointment of new Labor Secretary Andy Puzder
In the wake of the controversial Muslim travel ban, Starbucks is partnering with an immigration advisory firm