# Trump

In a side piece to a lengthy feature on Trump behind the scenes, Time magazine reveals the president’s weakness for ice cream
President Barack Obama spoke at a Milan conference on food innovation this week in his first post-presidency foreign address
Hennessey's Tavern in Dana Point, California, is facing backlash for their insensitive festivities
A new study shows that 77 million people across the country are drinking tap water with numerous safety and hygiene violations
Protests turned into violent riots on May Day anti-Trump protests in Oregon, and ironically Pepsi hindered the situation
Batali ominously warns that the widening wealth gap and continued tax cuts for the rich will soon reach a breaking point
The USDA secretary is planning on loosening some of Michelle Obama’s stricter school lunch regulations
The President uses the secret button on the Resolute Desk to order a Coke, as revealed in an Associated Press interview
This fashion icon and entrepreneur doesn’t look like she just had three kids