# Torrisi

Major Food Group has revealed the name of the new restaurant opening in the former Four Seasons space: The Landmark
The revamped iconic Four Seasons restaurant will be reopened by the Carbone restaurant group with a few major tweaks
At Dirty French, the New York City restaurant from the Torrisi and Carbone team, the whole staff wears Air Jordan sneakers
The Torrisi team’s newest venture, Dirty French, has added a bar menu in the lobby of the Ludlow Hotel

Major Food Group envisions a new, intimate dining experience.

Parm Outpost Opening Near Barclays Center
Not your grandfather's red sauce joint
An atrocious Boar's Head turkey sandwich replaces the city's best turkey sandwich
GutterGourmet gets a friends-and-family preview of Torrisi's new Manhattan sandwich joint
Eateries move beyond wings and nachos.