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This couple loves Whataburger so much that they asked their baby’s photographer to create a Whataburger-themed photoshoot
McDonald’s is holding a contest for fans to create the official burger of Texas: The winner will get bragging rights and $5,000
New prototype in Texas is much different than the Fridays we know
A Dairy Queen owner in Texas has refused to remove or apologize for bizarre anti-Hindu signage he placed outside his restaurant
More than 80,000 Texans are dealing with high levels of arsenic in tap water, a situation that has not been seriously addressed
Paella undergoes an extraordinary metamorphosis each year at the Texas Paella Challenge
Texas is the lone star when it comes to the creation of several popular foods, and a couple drinks too
A four-year-old boy in Texas was killed after he tried to climb onto a barbecue pit built to resemble a revolver
Brooks’ Place boldly shows its support of the new law
Blizzard conditions killed five percent of mature dairy cows in Texas, and an unknown number of calves and heifers