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Popeyes’ corporate offices spoke to the local franchisee and it looks like the armed robbery victim will get her job back
Marissa Holcomb, a Popeyes worker, was fired after she refused to replace the money stolen during an armed robbery
Joan Cheever, founder of the Chow Train, has been cited by San Antonio police for feeding a long line of homeless customers
Rick Braun intends to fight the citation, as he says he has been doing this for years without issue
Elizabeth Sullivan, 104, has been drinking 3 servings of Dr Pepper a day since her 60s
Salmonella in Northwestern Texas may be spreading after an outbreak at a steakhouse
You can't visit the number one milk-producing county in Texas without having this town's queso burger
Man decides to give $1,000 to his local Chick-fil-A to treat the next 88 people in line to their meals
Taco Bell parent company Yum! Brands is testing out a Bánh Mì fast food joint in Texas called Banh Shop