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Right now Texas is one of the many Southern states that do not allow coupon discounts for alcohol
San Antonio is getting stylish, and you can see it best in this hotel
Day one of a quest to establish the ultimate food T-shirt collection starts with Rudy's Bar-B-Q

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We’d be disappointed if the Urban Outfitters restaurant didn’t serve food truck fare, pickled everything, kale, and other stereotypically hip foods.

They thought they were just having fun, but as it turns out, you need a permit for that particular type of fun.

The loss of their daughter has been devastating, but waitress Kayla Lane's act of kindness made the Riddle family's day a little brighter. 

Anheuser-Busch temporarily stopped beer production to help out those affected by the deadly flooding
After massive flooding in the Lone Star state, the popular fast food chain Whataburger donated a large sum to the Red Cross
Nearly 200 Members of Rival Motorcycle Gangs Arrested After Violent Confrontation Outside Texas Restaurant

Miller’s predecessor expressed shock that the commissioner is ready to do what is clearly ‘not good for kids.’