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The chain has issued an apology and says it is correcting the description
Britain’s largest retailer may be responsible for 60 recent cases of infection
People are calling for boycotts of Tesco after John Allan, a chairman of the UK supermarket chain, made the remarks
The mother thought she’d have enough letters to write her son’s name
The deceptive labeling came to light after a trade publication discovered none of the farms actually existed
U.K. retailer Tesco bows to pressure to ‘straighten’ croissants in response to shifting customer preferences
The British multinational grocery is set to roll out sugar reduction targets in the New Year
The new Tesco chips flavor is Prosecco & Elderberry, which will be sold at all British Tesco supermarkets
Sugary drinks will be replaced with healthier beverage options
Grocery stores across France and the UK have adopted a donation program in lieu of throwing out unsold food