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The world’s smartest robot chef can cook almost any dish perfectly at the push of a button
The Lynx SmartGrill learns how you like your meat cooked, and you can easily communicate with the technology
Visa is teaming up with Pizza Hut to bring you a car with a built-in pizza-ordering button
Smart utensils let you know when you’re eating too much during a meal, or too fast
Project Nourished is a virtual reality dining experience that lets you eat a meal without consuming all of those calories
Through data and science, Next Glass can learn your taste in alcohol, and predicts the types of beer and wine you might like
The Hive-Inn farm would seriously re-vamp the way urbanites eat, by providing very local produce.
Drink safely with the help of this nifty little device
They've created a cocktail boat and flower pipette
McDonald's discussed using 3-D printers to create Happy Meal toys at a recent conference