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Appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has included Innit technology in its new Jenn-Air ovens, making cooking easier
The BeeHex 3D printer can make almost any type of pizza you want in only a few minutes, no human hands needed
Here are 12 reasons why the sky's the limit for airline innovation
Three restaurants in Southern China got rid of their robot servers because they were more trouble than they were worth
Sensorwake is an olfactory alarm clock that wakes users up with scents such as coffee and hot croissants
China is turning to cloning technology to keep up with nation’s insatiable beef demand, and will open a facility next year
Eatsa is a futuristic restaurant concept that is fully automated, with a virtual cashier and zero servers
A tech company has turned cold brew coffee into chewable cubes for on-the-go caffeine consumption
A personal food computer is a farm the size of a desktop, and it could be the future of agriculture
Engineers at Berkeley are perfecting a 3D-printed ‘smart cap’ that uses built-in sensors to tell when food is going bad