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Eatsa, the fast-food startup famously staffed by bots, is being sued for lack of disability accessibility for blind customers
The water bottles are available online for $55
McDonald’s brought mobile ordering to its restaurants in the UK, and is testing out the feature in select US markets
Flippy is the burger-flipping robot developed by Miso Robotics that just made its debut at a fast-food joint this month
Cook anything from eggs to fish with the Sansaire Delta
The mug’s features include a sleek stainless steel inner vessel, a push-to-open lid, and a hidden temperature display
Café X in San Francisco is staffed by a robotic arm that can take your order and make customized coffee drinks
This anti-technology policy at Tea Terrace restaurants in London is optional
China’s first ‘smart’ restaurant is a KFC in Beijing where you are greeted and identified by AI
The new technologies are used to help prevent cross-contamination of bacteria among patrons and employees