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The subjects of the study drank 40 percent less soda in two months
The restaurant began adding gratuity after some teens stayed for hours without tipping
He hopes the UK government will see that it’s working and institute a similar policy nationwide
The Seattle City Council voted to place a tax on sugary drinks, including most soda
The beverage industry seeks to invalidate Philadelphia’s soda tax that was implemented last year in front of an appeals court
France’s new free soda refill ban was put in place specifically to lower the national obesity rate
Avocados, beer, and more food products will be affected by Trump’s proposed tax plan to pay for a wall on the Mexican border
Despite pushback from the beverage industry, sugary drinks will now cost 1.5 cents per ounce more in Philly than other drinks
Critics of traditional farming methods argue that raising cattle has led to dangerous levels of greenhouse gas emissions
Disappointed with your refund from the government? At least you’ll get free food from Boston Market and Hard Rock Cafe