# Taco Bell

A woman got the wrong sort of hot sauce and could not deal with it
For every Doritos Locos taco purchased over the next two weeks, Taco Bell will donate 10 cents to its Live Más scholarship fund
One woman wants to win the Taco Bell wedding contest so badly, she has fashioned a dress as tribute to the fast-food chain
Taco Bell is releasing two other mashup items, including the Chicken Enchilada Burrito and Caesar Crunchwrap
You can now can married at a Taco Bell In — where else? — Las Vegas, hot sauce packet bouquet and all
These fast-food chains serve different items depending on the country they’re located in
The steer led the cops on a two-hour chase to the door of a Weatherford location of the fast-food chain
People are very angry at the people caught abandoning their cats at a drive-thru
Taco Bell is debuting the “Naked Chicken Chalupa” on Jan. 26, and it’s the next-generation Double Down
Taco Bell came out with spicy fried chicken “chips” with volcanic dipping sauce